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An end to Rank 5...

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An end to Rank 5...

Post by 0PureChaos0 on Mon Feb 02, 2009 9:15 pm

This is kk634's idea, not mine. This is also his message, not mine.

Together, I believe we can put an end to rank 5! Here's what we do: Whoever joins, we will add up many, if not ALL, our clicks, then divide it by the number of people in our group. Then we divide by how many people are in the group, and we each click every golem and water bug module, because we'll all have one out, and then we can all get some nails and some pipes and some gypsum! Plus, we'll all need to be friends.
Confused? Here's an example: 5 people join, each with 100 clicks. 500 clicks divided by 5 is 100. 100 clicks divided by 5 is 20. Then they would EACH click EVERY person's Pet Golem Module in our group 20 times. Get it? Please join! We can get past this rank!

Here is the member list:
1. kk634
2. 3087
3. hoginpants
4. Frogrobot
5. Racer_X5000
6. robbie1997347
8. skinnybones17
9. KonguZlap
10. spacedinodig611
11. 0PureChaos0
1. designerdude101
2. BioK
3. Obi-wan-BRADobi

I'll be editing this post for the current list, and be filling you in on the new details.

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